Fellowship House Ministries
 466 Long Hill Road, Groton CT 06340
                                 Tel: 860-448-3400 Fax: 860-448-


Who We Are:

Fellowship House Ministries is a group of dedicated individuals who saw the need for transitional programming and decided to meet the need. As a faith based agency we saw our efforts as answering a biblical call to serve those in need. Initially our efforts were focused on incarcerated individuals and there families. As we grew, our efforts expanded to include formerly incarcerated individuals, persons in recovery from substance abuse and addictive behaviors.

Why We Are Concerned:

As citizens we see how the problem of substance abuse and addictive behavior affects all of society. Many of us have first hand knowledge of how the problem of substance abuse and a criminal history can impact all areas of life. We recognize the frustration of being caught up in the revolving door syndrome of relapse. In our attempts to more fully understand the problem we determined that a key to the problem is the lack of adequate housing and a job. Both factors are critical in the early stages of recovery. Furthermore we determined that in the majority of cases in which a successful transition was made, those same key ingredients were present and were considered a prominent factor in making a successful transition.

Fellowship House has a Zero Tolerance Policy toward sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Note that Fellowship House accepts reports from 3rd parties and provide a contact name, address, email address, and phone number for that person. And also note that Fellowship House provides an annual report of PREA incidents to CTDOC and that information can be found on their website: www.ct.gov/doc